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2. handy or carry (some thing) to anyone (typically a person in authority). Can we have to give in our books at the conclusion of the lesson? inhandig يُسَلِّم връщам entregar odevzdat einreichen indlevere; aflevere παραδίδωentregar loovutama تحویل دادن palauttaa remettre למסור देना predati bead menyerahkan skila consegnare 提出する 건네주다 atiduoti atdot; iesniegt menyerahkan inleverenlevere innoddać تسلیم کول entregar a înmâna подавать; сдавать odovzdať izročiti, oddati vratiti lämna in ส่งไปให้ vermek, teslim etmek 繳回 здавати دستاويز حوالے کر دینا nộp 上交

= report, inform facts, details, description, respond to, guidance → geben; a single’s name, particulars → angeben; recommendation → machen; (= Allow sb know by letter, telephone etcetera) determination, opinion, effects → mitteilen; the court docket hasn’t given a decision still → das Gericht hat noch kein Urteil gefällt; he wouldn’t give me his conclusion/impression → er wollte mir seine Entscheidung/Meinung nicht sagen; they interrupted the film to give the soccer outcomes → sie unterbrachen den Film, um die Fußballergebnisse zu bringen; give him my regards → bestellen Sie ihm (schöne) Grüße, richten Sie ihm (schöne) Grüße von mir aus; give her my many thanks → richten Sie ihr meinen Dank aus; to give no/the proper remedy → nicht/richtig antworten; to give somebody a warning → jdn warnen; his letter gave us the latest news → in seinem Temporary stand das Neueste; she was given the information by John → John hat ihr das mitgeteilt; he forgot to give us the day → er hat vergessen, uns das Datum anzugeben or (verbally also) → zu sagen or (by letter, telephone and so on also) → mitzuteilen; who gave you that information? → wer hat Ihnen das gesagt or die Auskunft gegeben or erteilt?

donate - give to a charity or great cause; "I donated blood to your Red Cross to the victims in the earthquake"; "donate money for the orphanage"; "She donates to her favorite charity each month"

When Within the stadium, you will not have the capacity to receive an item at An additional gate. The distribution workers has become instructed to move out items only to attendees because they enter from the turnstiles.

to give sb to understand that … → jdm zu verstehen geben, dass …; I had been given to grasp/believe that … → mir wurde zu verstehen gegeben, dass …

Not what I expected There's not an entire heck of alot on the application taking into consideration almost certainly 50 % of it truly is already free.

Why has not the US political method taken recourse from Trump for his politically motivated firings?

countenance, allow, enable, Enable - consent to, give permission; "She permitted her son to read more go to her estranged spouse"; "I won't Allow the law enforcement lookup her basement"; "I cannot enable you to see your Examination"

Additional like giveaway on the week Case in point.. today is Cubot Cubot Engage in web page suggests that today's offer is from app free of charge Generally they just come across just lately altered applications tbat went freemium then act like They can be giving it away Whole Assessment Wanda Package March fifteen, 2014

Make sure you give me my passport back → مِنْ فَضْلِكَ، أُريدُ أَنْ أَسْتَرِدَّ جَوازَ سفري → Vraťte mi, execsím, cestovní pas → Jeg vil gerne have mit pas tilbage → Geben Sie mir bitte meinen Move zurück → Μου ξαναδίνετε το διαβατήριό μου, παρακαλώ; → Devuélvame el pasaporte, por favor → Saisinko passini takaisin? → Rendez-moi mon passeport, s'il vous plaît → Molim vas, vratite mi putovnicu → Mi restituisca il passaporto, per favore → 私のパスポートを返してください → 제 여권을 돌려주세요 → Mag ik mijn paspoort terug?

talk, intercommunicate - transmit views or emotions; "He communicated his anxieties to your psychiatrist"

to give oneself above to enjoyment/despair and so forth → sich ganz dem Vergnügen/der Verzweiflung and so forth hingeben; to get given about to enjoyment (lifetime) → ganz dem Vergnügen gewidmet sein

→ 痛み止めに何かもらえますか? → 진통제 좀 주시겠어요? → Kunt u me iets voor de pijn geven? → Kan du gi meg noe mot smertene? → Czy może mi Pandać coś przeciwbólowego? → O senhor pode me dar alguma coisa para a dor → Вы не могли бы мне дать что-то обезболивающее? → Kan ni ge mig något smärtstillande? → คุณให้อะไรฉันสักอย่างเพื่อแก้ปวดได้ไหม? → Ağrı kesici bir şey verebilir misiniz? → Bạn có thể cho tôi thuốc giảm đau không? → 能给我开一点止疼药吗?

three. to concur towards just one's will. I have no intention of offering way to needs like that. toegee يوافِقُ ضد رغْبَتِه съгласявам се concordar ustoupit nachgeben give efter δέχομαι παρά τη θέλησή μου ceder ante järele andma تسلیم شدن antaa periksi céder לוותר इच्छा के विपरीत राजी होना pristati enged menyetujui láta undan cedere 屈する (마음이) 꺾이다 pasiduoti piekāpties setuju zwichten voor gi etterpoddać się تسلیمیدل concordar a ceda (la) уступать ustúpiť popustiti popustiti ge efter ยอมตาม boyun eğmek 讓步 поступатися خواہش کے بغیر متفق ہونا nhượng bộ 让步

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